Cakrawala Repositori IMWI with p-ISSN 2620-8814 | e-ISSN 2620-8814, first reported in April 2018 by Wiyata Indonesia Management Institute. Since its publication, Cakrawala Repositori IMWI has been published twice a year.

Cakrawala Repositori IMWI provides a means for ongoing discussion of relevant issues that fall within the focus and scope of the journal that can be empirically examined. This journal encompasses original research articles, including: Economics (Monetary Economics, Finance, and Banking, International Economics, Public Economics, Economic development, Regional Economy).

Management (Financial Management, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Strategic Management, Operations Management, Change Management, Management Information Systems, Management Education, Management of Sharia, Tourism Management, Organizational Behavior, Corporate Governance, Industrial Relations) Social Science (Sociology, Political science, History, Law in society).

Journal has become a member of Crossref (Prefix:10.52851) with Online ISSN 2620-8814 and Print ISSN  2620-8814